VOD Webinar EMDR 2.0 in English

An understanding of working memory theory can help you improve the effectiveness of your EMDR treatments. For example, what do you do if the SUD does't drop and EMDR  does't work? In thisworkshop you will learn to tackle these problems. In addition, you will receive an update on the latest developments in the EMDR field, called EMDR 2.0. From modality-specific working memory- taxing techniques, to destabilizing memories through massive techniques like the Flash and the EMD bomb. These new applications are demonstrated, participants can practice with techniques and video clips of treatments are shown to make it easy to apply what you have learned in practice. Read

more about EMDR 2.0 here.


The workshop is intended for therapists who have at least taken an EMDR basic course. The course will take 3.5 hours including breaks.

Delivery: English version Video on Demand

Duration: 3.5 hrs 




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