About us

Suzy Matthijssen, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist-psychotherapist, senior researcher, cognitive behavioral therapist and consultant, psychotraumatherapist NtVP, NRGD registered pro justice reporter, EFT therapist, EMDR consultant and is a lecturer at post-doctorate psychology specialization programs. The focus of the research she conducts is on the optimization of trauma treatments. She is the head of the Altrecht Academic Anxiety Centre, a centre for the treatment of complex anxiety disorders, OCD and trauma related disorders, where she also runs an intensive trauma treatment program. She is involved in research on the enhancement of trauma therapy, intensive trauma treatments and working mechanisms of trauma therapy. She is the vice president of the Dutch EMDR association; is in the scientific committee of the EMDR Europe association and is the former co-chair of the Council of Scholars; the Future of EMDR project.

Ad de Jongh, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and professor of Anxiety and Behavior Disorders at the University of Amsterdam. He is also an honorary professor in psychology at the School of Health Sciences of Salford University in Manchester, at the Institute of Health and Society of the University of Worcester, and at the School of Psychology of Queen’s University in Belfast. He was involved in establishing the Psychotrauma Expertise Center (PSYTREC), where he is the head of research deptartment. He is an expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders and involved in research on the efficacy of evidence-based treatments for a wide variety of patient groups, including traumatized children, people with intellectual disabilities and other complex psychiatric conditions such as psychosis. He is an approved trainer for the EMDR Europe association and member of the Council of Scholars; the Future of EMDR project.