VOD Webinar: Virtual and online trauma treatment – Keep it simple

Some novel and effective techniques in the area of online EMDR. Enhancing Trauma Treatment invites dr. Skip Rizzo.
‘All of these online tools and products… What can I use and where to start? Can’t it be made simpler?’ This webinar provides an overview of the scientific knowledge of virtual trauma treatment. First Skip Rizzo PhD. dives into the deep and tells us about the latest features in the area of online and virtual trauma treatment. Movie clips show some very impressive possibilities of trauma treatment. Next, Ad de Jongh PhD. and Suzy Matthijssen PhD. will provide an overview of EMDR possibilities, both virtual and online. All you need these days is your phone! No difficult to install applications, just keep it simple. During the webinar we will let you experience how to perform EMDR in this new way.
Albert “Skip” Rizzo, PhD, is a clinical psychologist / neuropsychologist and director of medical virtual reality at the University of Southern California (USC) Institute for Creative Technologies. He is also a research professor with the USC Department of Psychiatry and the USC Davis School of Gerontology. Skip Rizzo conducts research on the design, development and evaluation of virtual reality (VR) systems targeting the areas of clinical assessment, treatment rehabilitation and resilience.
Ad de Jongh, PhD, is clinical psychologist and professor of Anxiety and Behavior Disorders at the University of Amsterdam. Further, he is honorary professor in psychology at the School of Health Sciences of Salford University in Manchester, at the Institute of Health and Society of the University of Worcester, and at the School of Psychology of Queen’s University in Belfast. He is head of research of Psychotrauma Expertise Center (PSYTREC), approved trainer for the EMDR Europe association, an expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders.
Suzy Matthijssen, PhD, is a clinical psychologist-psychotherapist, senior researcher, supervisor in cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR, psychotraumatherapist NtVP, NRGD registered pro justice reporter, EFT therapist and she is a lecturer at university and postdoctorate psychology specialization programs. She is the vice president of the Dutch EMDR association. The focus of the research she conducts is on the optimization of trauma treatments. She is the director of the Altrecht Academic Anxiety Centre where she is also head of an intensive trauma treatment program. She is connected to Utrecht University.

Delivery: English  version Video on Demand

Duration: 2 hrs







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