VOD Webinar: Theoretical misunderstandings and new insights in treating dissociative symptoms and DID

In this webinar Enhancing trauma treatment (ETT) has invited two renowned and prominent experts in the field, prof. dr. Rafaele Huntjens and prof. dr. Agnes van Minnen to present with us on dissociative symptoms and dissociative identity disorder (DID). What are dissociative symptoms and what is DID? And even more so… what is it not? Some misunderstandings about the working mechanisms of the human mind including memory are discussed as well as misconceptions about treating patients with dissociative symptoms and/or DID. And what to do in the case of complex
PTSD (CPTSD) with comorbid dissociative symptoms and/or DID? In the webinar these topics will be discussed with of course the latest scientific research findings. But then we will also introduce two separate models for working with patients with DID. For DID itself there is currently no evidence-based treatment method, but there are some promising treatment models that show preliminary evidence; one is the treatment with schema focused therapy and the other model is CBT based and known as the ‘Maxima-technique’. Of course, everything will be supported by video-material and there will be room for questions.
Agnes van Minnen, PhD, is professor in the field of the treatment of anxiety disorders and fear regulation at the Radboud University Nijmegen. She is the clinical director of PSYTREC, a clinic for the intensive treatment of (complex) PTSD. Further, she is a licensed clinical psychologist, and supervisor in the field of behavioral and cognitive therapies. The focus of her research is on treatment outcome studies, and on treatment processes that influence treatment outcome in PTSD. Besides PTSD, she is interested in the treatment of dissociative disorders.  
Rafaele Huntjens, PhD, is professor in the field of trauma-related disorders and dissociative disorders at the University of Groningen. She is also editor-in-chief for the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry. The main focus of her research is on cognitive-behavioral processes in
trauma-related disorders and the treatment of dissociative identity disorder.
Ad de Jongh, PhD, is clinical psychologist and professor of Anxiety and Behavior Disorders at the University of Amsterdam. Further, he is honorary professor in psychology at the School of Health Sciences of Salford University in Manchester, at the Institute of Health and Society of the University of Worcester, and at the School of Psychology of Queen’s University in Belfast. He is head of research of Psychotrauma Expertise Center (PSYTREC), approved trainer for the EMDR Europe association, an expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders
Suzy Matthijssen, PhD, is a clinical psychologist-psychotherapist, senior researcher, supervisor in cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR, psychotraumatherapist NtVP, NRGD registered pro justice reporter, EFT therapist and she is a lecturer at university and postdoctorate psychology specialization programs. She is the vice president of the Dutch EMDR association. The focus of the research she conducts is on the optimization of trauma treatments. She is the director of the Altrecht Academic Anxiety Centre where she is also head of an intensive trauma treatment program. She is connected to Utrecht University.

Delivery: English version Video on Demand

Duration: 2 hrs







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