VOD Webinar: Case conceptualization and target selection for EMDR treatments

How do you make a thorough case conceptualization for EMDR therapy, and select the right memories to target so that you will make the difference in the treatment of your patient. In previous webinars Suzy Matthijssen and Ad de Jongh focused on smart treatment strategies and techniques within the context of EMDR therapy. This time they present five routes, or strategies for proper case conceptualization, in order to make it easy for therapists to determine the most suitable target memories for treatment.


The different routes are the (1) “intrusion route” for trauma-related conditions such as PTSD, (2) the “timeline route” for most mental health symptoms, such as sleeping problems, or feeling depressed, (3) the “core belief route” for cases where irrational and negative core cognitions about the person themselves are central, such as in patients with a personality disorder or a negative self image, (4) the “emotion route” for when strong emotions such as guilt and anger are in the foreground, and (5) the “Flashforward route” for fears and phobias.


On the basis of instruction videos and practical examples you will be guided through these routes or strategies for case conceptualization to get to the core, make the right choices and become more successful in applying EMDR therapy. 

Delivery: English version Video on Demand

Duration: 2 hrs








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